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Are you starting a new business venture, looking for help with your Social Media management, or need support navigating the world of Social Media? Look no further! Here at Social Media Doctor we now have a low cost option to help you implement a social media plan for maximum results!

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Kaitlyn is the Founder & CEO of Social Media Doctor. In addition she is a proud member of the leadership team at Iconic Alliance, and 2-time Best-Selling author.

She has been in the business world since the time she was 18, and through her combined years of experience, extensive mentorship, and impactful business relationships, she has been able to grow SMD while helping numerous businesses flourish.

Kaitlyn has been married to her husband Scott since 2017, and currently lives in their home in Grand Rapids with their adorable cats and dogs!

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-Access to our private Facebook Community

-Access to our bi-weekly Open Office Hour on Zoom

-Access to our bi-weekly Facebook Live trainings (opposite weeks of group calls)

- FREE 1-on-1 Initial Strategy Session, and Free Quarterly Sessions

-Access to our messenger chat group for support and accountability!

- Weekly Accountability Form check-in with private feedback!


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